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Dear Future Wife

As I pondered this next phase of my life, preparing to include you has been a priority when strategizing how to be the best version of me and fulfill my purpose. Simply put, I want you in it.

What began as a platonic friendship founded on common interests and shared values, over time has evolved to be so much more meaningful. You have evolved. I have evolved.

Your evolution continues to inspire me to arrive as the best version of myself. The nobility of your character to be honest and integral in your interactions exudes a grace and poise that I continuously admire. Your unique blend of raw relatability, witty sarcasm, intellect and the humor of your personality keeps me refreshed and revived daily. Your curvaceous physique entices my loins. You arouse me with your touch without even using your hands. You stimulate me with your kiss of tenderness although your lips are currently hidden from me. Borrowing from the words of Rumi, “Your love has made me sure.”

In our friendship and courting you, I’ve been in constant preparation to emerge as a mere base model of the man I pray our union will evolve me into. As a man submitted to God, I honor the gift of you in my life so I seek daily Father’s guidance as I lead us. It is my hope and prayer that you will maintain who you are and have always been as my friend, girlfriend, fiancé and now wife which is my friend, my confidant, my cheerleader, my lover, my partner in crime and my lady.

I envision our life together as a partnership in achieving our dreams, accomplishing our goals and establishing a legacy for generations to come. Your hand holding mine is the calming reassurance I need to confidently lead us through the peaks and valleys we will explore. Although I anticipate the good times to outweigh the bad, I’m not naive to the difficult times we will have to navigate. In these moments, may we never forget the vows we’ll share and the covenant we’ll cultivate. May fighting fair be our first defense always.

Through our union, we will raise a family of confident, empowered and loved human beings. We will build a legacy of wealth and impact on the lives of people we will encounter. Our individual visions and passions will enlarge our scope of impact, and increase our value beyond each other’s benefit, to the benefit of others.

I pray our union represents the model of Christ’s love to the church. It my desire for our union to be the manifestation of an Ephesians 5 man and the Proverbs 31 woman. We will be aligned with the Father as we submit to Him and His will for us. I want us to represent a union of love, honor, fun, faith and intentionality. We will share an intimacy of truth, love, and respect. Our unique communication ability of interweaving humor and honesty, faith and fun, and emotion and experiences shared fortify the foundation of the home we are building together.

I’m marrying you, not only for your mind, although it’s the reason I will fall more in love with you everyday. I’m marrying you because you are the best compliment to me as a person and an entity. You make me better. I choose to see the highest vision of life with you and I understand the possibilities of what it is to be with you.

your husband.

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