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This is me

Hey Hey! I'm Leonitha (lee-oh-knee-tha) Francis. Unique, right? Thanks, it was a birthday present. *wink*


I have an infectious personality full of humor, quick wit and wisdom. I have a passion for people and excellence -- I love to see people empowered and winning. I am a native of the Bronx, New York.  I am a woman who has garnered much respect among friends, colleagues and all who come in contact with me through my persevering optimism, strategic and operational leadership and honest spirit.

I have a unique and unusual way of bridging the gap between people from all demographics through a commonality of shared experiences and uncanny relatability. In short, "I'm just a girl from the Bronx who loves Jesus and His people."


Content Strategy  Writing  Campaign Management 

 Branding   Social Media Events Content   Fundraising  Creative Initiatives Project Management  Digital Marketing

Ideation  Public Speaking  Mentor


I have a mind for millions.

I advise companies and organizations in initiatives, campaigns and strategies.

With 14 years of administrative experience ranging from personal and C-Suite, 12 years of Social Media & Branding experience and 9 years of Digital Marketing & Media experience, I offer the following services:

  • Digital Marketing Consulting: Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Branding, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, SEO/SEM Search Engine Optimization/Marketing, Metrics & Analytics

  • Project Management for Events and Campaigns

  • Graphic & Web Design: flyers, logos, book covers, souvenir journals, event pages, websites & website redesigns/updates*

  • C-Suite Executive Administrative Support**

  • Ideation Sessions: Brainstorm your wildest idea or vision for your business, non-profit or ministry with 1-on-1 sessions that will organize, analyze and strategize your vision into a project plan ready for execution and implementation.

* Wordpress websites are exempt unless willing to consider alternative platforms.

** It will be at my discretion.

Clients &

I have a mind for millions.
My unique analytical mind coupled with my diverse eyes have improved the brands of the following companies and organizations. 
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